A short trek into White Horse Mythology.

In one of the ancient books of Ireland (maybe the Annals of Innisfallen!) there is a story about how the new Irish King must mate with a White Mare.

So many have taken this literally with no knowledge of the symbology or mythology.

The WHITE MARE is known as Epona. Celtic Goddess of Fertility.

So rather than MS History giving us all an excuse to indulge in bestiality (?) we are being told that the King must find himself a fertile wife.

White Horses are everywhere, literally and metaphorically.

How about the WHITE horse of Revelation? The Sun Chariot. The horse of Christ, the 13th man.

Or Saint George slaying the Dragon?

Or Rhiannon from the Mabinogion?

Or Odin’s white horse?

Or Pegasus? Or the Unicorn?

The UK is famous for White Horses. Uffington is the one most will remember. But the timeline is a bit askew – in my opinion :o)