The fakes are still hanging on to a life of darkness and fear-porn.

It’s so bloody obvious to me.

They are all paying the piper? Nah!

Or buying Indulgences from Christ’s Vicar on earth to cover up their own sins and vices. In the hope that no one has seen what has been world wide web ….WORLD WIDE WEB …. publicly. Yeah!

You can only sweep so much under the rug before peeps ask why there is a big pile of shite hidden. FACT!

This Party IS OVER.

Lies are being ignored and hidden.

We are now in a PERFECT RESET. Where good WILL triumph over evil, narcs, wannabes, fakes, money-grubbers, liars and thieves.

Birely Shassey. The child of a Nearly Geordie woman and a Nigerian man.