The King of Norway and Lincoln

According to MS History, Magnus Barelegs sent his wealth (money) to be preserved by a “wealthy citizen of Lincoln.”


I’ve no idea but Steep Hill in Lincoln has the famous Jew’s House. Did he send it here?

No idea.

According to Modern Alt Historians (WTF?) Lincoln is EVIL beyond EVIL.

Mmmn. OK. Flat Earth British. WHY?

‘cos you see DICKS everywhere?


About 2:00 he starts talking about Lincoln Cathedral. He’s been here?

No wonder I’ve been feeling sick and drained. FACT!

Apparently this HOLY place is now EVIL. A bit like me.

FEB called me EVIL and precipitated my last NDE.

P.S. I left after the Lincoln rant but had enough time to see that many of his subs and chatters also belong to the other 2 of the 3 Blind Blind Mice.

UAP & Jon Levi.

They have about 200,000 worshippers between them.

And I’m banned from all.

Go figure. And/or ENJOY :o)

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