History of the British Isles : Part 2

2) Those Pesky Stray Arrows

Tuesday, 7 May 2019, 4:31

I’m still going backwards with this True History of the British Isles.

The end of the debunking debacle came when I realised just how many silly so-and-so’s were galloping around the 12th century only to meet a fatal stray arrow. How careless!

The most famous is King Harold at Hastings. Then you have William Rufus, King William II, the second son of The Conqueror.

The same thing happened to Rufus’ nephew, the son of Robert Curthose, Duc of Normandy. Also Hugh de Montgomery, the 2nd Norman Earl of Shrewsbury.

To name a few.

It’s a bit like being hit by a bus today, I guess. Just a normal happening for those who don’t take enough care.

But – the exact same fate befell Emperor John II Comnenus in 1143. John was the brother of Isaac and the uncle of Andronicus.

“John the Beautiful”

You all know where this is going, don’t you?

A Never-ending Story!

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