Arbroath Abbey (?)

I was deep into researching a fairy tale about the King/Bishop/Peasant and ended up here.

Strange but beautiful. I no longer kwuestion this stuff. (My kew key is still not working!)

We lived in Arbroath. I was there from the age of 6 to 8. Dad was stationed at 45 Commando and we were just an hour or so train ride away from his parents in Kinghorn. And a half hour longer to Edinburgh.

I went to Inverbrothock School and we were taken here one day on a school trip. So I was taught, at a very young age, about the Bruce being excommunicated by some Pope for not kissing English arse.

Or so they say. OK. Even I’m totally confused now and I lived there.

Anyhoo. Whether Robert the Bruce had the sniffs at a fake Pope or not. The abbey is wonderful :o)

F R E E D O M!

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