Mission Accomplished about 5pm Last Night

We literally had one sniff of a fume left in the car and the nearest garage is about a mile and a bit away.

So we rang and asked Janet if there had been a delivery of petrol.

YES. And no key- ueues.

So I’m dragged off me chair, homemade chicken burger in hand and frogged marched to the car…just in case he ran out of petrol before we got there (!?!!)

Weren’t greedy. Just £20 in the tank and then an earful of verbals from the driver beside me.

So I started complaining about him wasting the petrol by speeding along at 40mph.

He slowed to 10mph.

The dog-walkers and dogs in the lane ALL gave us a funny look.

Only saving petrol, mate. Don’t worry.

What is a NORMAL day?

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