From Take That To The True History of the British Isles


(Taken at) The Flood by Take That at and Taken at the Flood by William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie.

I wrote an 11 part article on The British Isles in 2019 that was my own personal views/research of the History of MY Country.

A little de-bunk?

It’s not perfect but I’m more than happy to re-upload.


1) The True History of The British Isles?

Monday, 6 May 2019, 10:29

Ihave a certain article about British History that I’ve been, desperately, trying to debunk for months.

That’ll have been a big, fat failure on my part then! Heyho.

When something makes sense, it makes sense. End of.

Now, I’m NO high-falutin’ expert but after a few years researching the 12th century, I have a bit of insight into the Old English Chronicles…Geoffrey of Monmouth, Nennius, Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, William of Malmesbury, Gerald of Wales etc.

I will begin at the end today.

British History as we know it/were taught it, begins around the year 1600. Everything – yup, Everything – before that time is misrepresented.

Not LIED about exactly, just very cleverly (or maybe not so cleverly) tweaked.


Because “The Empire must be forgotten forever.”


I’ll have a go at presenting some evidence in the days to come.

P.S. It’s full of the MS History of Pesky Stray arrows and wars and just how to lose 3,000 years of History in 11 parts :o)

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