If y’all have never TRULY experienced The Dark Night of the Soul at least once , or more properly SEVERAL times, then you have NO IDEA what life is about. Or death in all it’s manifestations. We can still die many times during life. These are Dark Nights when everything that we once held as FACT is dissolved.

And not one single thing can ever make “sense” again.

The Cloud of Unknowing as it’s called.

Wikily :

The poem of St. John of the Cross, in 8 stanzas of 5 lines each, narrates the journey of the soul to mystical union with God. The journey is called “The Dark Night” in part because darkness represents the fact that the destination—God—is unknowable, as in the 14th century, mystical classic The Cloud of Unknowing; both pieces are derived from the works of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite in the 6th century. Further, the path per se is unknowable. The first verse of the poem is translated:

In an obscure night
Fevered with love’s anxiety
(O hapless, happy plight!)
I went, none seeing me
Forth from my house, where all things quiet be

—that is, the body and the mind, with their natural cares, being stilled. At the beginning of the treatise Dark Night (the Declaración), St. John wrote: “In this first verse, the soul tells the mode and manner in which it departs, as to its affection, from itself and from all things, dying through a true mortification to all of them and to itself, to arrive at a sweet and delicious life with God.”

P.S. I KNOW that I have a copy of The Cloud of Unknowing. Somewhere!

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