Once upon a time I was WELL-INTO Anne Rice’s books.

I read them all up until a certain time.

The Mayfair Witches was hard work but I read them all. Taltos stood out the most. Something about smelling like chocolate or vanilla (?)

The matriarchal family is originally from Donnelaith, Scotland, and they eventually migrate to the West Indies and France before finally settling in Louisana after the French Revolution. The family is bonded to Lasher, an incubus demon that follows them, helping them unlock certain favors in exchange for the promise of one day becoming a physical being once more. He has connected to each of the heirs of the Mayfair clan for generations, waiting for the one who would become a doorway. The 13th.

Dr. Rowan Mayfair is our protagonist and the 13th witch of the Mayfair clan, a fact she doesn’t realize until after her mother dies. As the new designee of the Mayfair Legacy, Lasher begins his slow seduction of her. Rowan is a very interesting character in the first book (we won’t talk about the rest of the series) because she uses her powers for good and has often been haunted by the accidental horrors she was responsible for.

One aspect of the series that I am concerned about is the overuse of incest. Part of the goal for bringing Lasher to life is to produce stronger witches by keeping the bloodline “pure.” Because this is fiction, that never leads to any real medical issues, but instead creates this super powerful coven of witches.

The Mayfair Witches face an unimaginable new threat: the Taltos – the giant race gifted with preternatural knowledge, who breed in minutes and live for centuries. The race that spawned the monster-innocent Lasher, who gave the witches their power and almost destroyed them.

Unknown to the Mayfairs, another Taltos still lives: the legendary Ashla, who has done and suffered so much down the centuries. Now a frantic dance speeds them all from the dawn of history and the Dark Ages to high-tech New York, from sensuous New Orleans to Stonehenge and the Scottish Highlands, towards their ultimate fate…

Okely Dokely. Same old BJ :o)