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This was the 19th Bond film.

1+9 = 10 of Swords.

Pierce Brosnan is Irish. Sophie Marceau played Isabella in Braveheart.

I’ve written about Ian Fleming many times. A couple of his best mates were Dorothy Dunnett and her husband, Alastair. Scottish.

Zoé Oldenbourg was Russian born but French by choice. She wrote a book called The World is NOT Enough.

A chronicle of the life and love of Ansiau and Alis in 12th-century France.

Set in the time of the Third Crusade, Zoé Oldenbourg’s novel (a translation of ARGILE ET CENDRES) is powerfully compelling and a true classic, capturing the strength and brutality, squalor and beauty, faith and ignorance, pageantry and agony of Europe¿s Middle Ages.

First published in 1949.


If the world is not enough…WTF else do y’all want? Greedy as…….