Be Careful What You Wish For : King Midas

Two takes on the Myth of Midas.

Therefore, the “antique” myth, annoyingly telling that Tsar Mosokhov turns everything he touches into gold, could well have arisen in the reformist Western Europe of the 17th-18th centuries. Such an allegory in general clearly reflected reality: everything that was sent to Russia in the form of tribute not only went for the good of the entire Empire (and, by the way, in one form or another later returned back to the same provinces), but also turned into the wealth of the metropolis , “into gold”. For example, in the golden roofs, blindingly sparkling in the sun. There really were no such roofs in the imperial provinces – Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Not then, not later. The domes of Western European cathedrals were not covered with gold. It was difficult for the locals to even imagine such a thing.

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