Of all the BS that has happened to me over the past three years, my biggest (professional) heartbreak comes via the people who destroyed MY PERSONAL links to the New Chronology Team of Anatoly Fomenko.

I used to work closely with, sharing information in private.

Anyway – and whatever – I can still offer up totally disgraced and dissed perspective of the 1,000 years.

To clarify, today we use an established ‘new era’ chronology. However, we should treat it only as a purely notional timeline. One of many possible. As it becomes clear, in the ‘beginning of the new era’, i.e. circa 2010 years ago, no significant event, the accounts of which survived, ever took place. Moreover, no data whatsoever survives from that distant epoch. More specifically it is incorrect to call this era as the Christian era, as we do today. As according to our results the Nativity of Christ took place nearly a thousand years later. Namely in the XII century according to the conditional ‘new era’.

Take it or leave it or continue to promote fear and confusion and hatred and distrust and to make yourselves rich and famous.

I’m NOT BIBLE -coded. Or a Churchian. I’m an Historian who tried to help bring light on 400 years of Total Bullshit.

And I’ll keep on doing this until the day I die. Which BTW will be decided by a much Higher Power than the turds who’ve sent me Death Threats. FACT!!


P.S. Last message that I got from NC was that the team were doing a full DNA study on the links between Scotland, Scandinavia and Russia. Based on MY DNA!

Royal is MY Race ?