There are two old facts (or maybe myths) that the Knights Templar fought not only with the Bruce at Bannockburn but also with Jehanne d’Arc across France.

Both these battling events happened not only after the Templar Trials in 1307, but also after their Papal Suppression in 1312. And way, way after the Templars escaped from Castle of Le Bézu

In 1128, the cousin of St Bernard of Clairvaux, Hugues de Payens, met King David I in Scotland.

The Order established a seat at Balantrodoch, now Temple, Midlothian on the South Esk (River Esk, Lothian). In 1189, Alan FitzWalter, the 2nd Lord High Steward of Scotland was a benefactor of the Order.

Who knows?

I have my own ideas about this subject but I like playing with MS History :o)