The MotherLoad

I NEVER get stuff right :o(

I’ve been into Ormus for well over a decade. The late Barry Carter was something of a mentor to me, although he never knew it.

About 2 years ago I made a huge jar of “Live Oil” but I got the proportions upside down and back to front. As usual.

Instead of 1 third Dead Sea Salt and 2 thirds Grapeseed Oil….Shrug.

I left this jar in a dark cupboard since the MadScientist mistake and OMFG…..MOTHERLOAD!!!

About a week ago I took it out. Poured some off and added much more oil – Grapeseed and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (all I had at the time) and BOOM.

P.S. Live Oil Creeps. TRUE. If you read his work you will know this phenomena. I’d transferred some of the mistake into a small plastic tub which I’ve kept in my bathroom and suddenly….the lot disappeared. And I had a very oily sink. Mad as fury, I chucked the pot into the bathroom bin and was STUNNED to see the empty (!) tub throw oily stuff out all over the bin and floor.

I can’t explain this. I just experienced it. IRL :o)

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