Yes. I’ve mangled the quote. I often do.

I’ll find the proper Shakespeare words later.

There is a Time…When the pain is too deep and too all encompassing that you have to throw it upstairs and ask for help.

I did that and my reward is a much Happier Life. Where nothing said and no-one vile can touch me.

Your Life is Your Choice.

Spend it in pain at the past hurts (done and gone) or in fear of the future (predictive programming) or just LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH.

I chose the latter.

Yes, I will always bitch about the past hurts – but only to cleanse myself of MY bad choices.

Back then, we were just Cavemen.

THE FLOOD is a metaphor that only those who’ve been through the wheels of time and circumstance and utter pain will ever understand and accept.

There were more of them than us?

Always. From the beginning to the end. We are ALL challenged by the MASSES.

Choose Wisely. OMG, I wish I’d been taught/had pounded into my brain this simple truth.