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OH. Hi, There : Talking To Myself Again?

I was in the kitchen earlier, at the stove prepping a meal, my back to the majority of the room, when the light changed and a shadow walked behind me. From right to left.

Oh. Hi, said I. Thinking that it was a family member. I looked behind and….Nothing.

God’s Honest. I saw the shadow move as if someone had walked across the kitchen window.

There was no fear. No threat.

OH. OK, said I.

P.S. I LOVE every Friday the 13th that happens because I know the BS History of the Templars and how that date was hijacked by UnHolyWood and the Dark Side of Life.

Did mine own shadow pass me?

And I fully acknowledge that I have darkness deep inside. We all do.

If so, we seem to have made friends :o)

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