Mmmn. Another way to blame the Celts for ruining everything?

Apparently Native American Indians were so stupid that they couldn’t ever figure out how to make FireWater so they had to wait until the 18th/19th century when those horrible Europeans gave them something called WHISKEY.


The “firewater” fairytale that Elm came to know all too well goes like this: Europeans introduced Native Americans to alcohol, which they were genetically unprepared to handle. That happenstance led to alcoholism rates that are around twice as high as those seen in whites — and alcohol-related death rates, which are at least tripled. In this view, colonization didn’t make conquered people susceptible to heavy drinking — genes did.

I’m not a fan of Whiskey. I drink it in Scotland because to refuse is to insult your host in the most hurtful way. FACT!

Ahem. I NEVER knew this…….FACT.

Midge Ure

Midge Ure

7 years agoThanks for all the great comments. I mixed this track after Phil died, initially just for myself. I took out all the other guitars from the recording to hear what I heard when I first heard Lizzy do this. This recording and a few photos are all that’s left of my ‘touring days’ with the guys.

WOW upon WOW :o)