My very last duty in Londonderry was a night duty in the Ops Room.

All my bags were packed. I was going back to England to join my husband after working my 3 months notice of disengagement on marriage.

The ferry was booked. I had a half hour until the end of my Army Career and and a hand full of hours to board the ferry to Liverpool.

Then the phone rang. I answered. It was an army wife reporting a rape by her next door neighbour. Her husband was away in Fermanagh and opportunity had struck.

I started the investigation but weeks later, as I was settled in my new life, an SIB officer turned up at our door and questioned me about that phone call.

I could not follow the course of the investigation. I’d left that world. BUT : I’ve always had this uncomfortable feeling that the victim was blamed for the crime. I’d seen this too many times before and had experienced it too when I lost my first child. I was accused by the men in the Ops Room of having a drunken hangover even though the night before I’d flown back to the unit three weeks after my wedding.

Go figure.