From Dead Body to SIB Investigator

Yadayada. Done this before. YAWNSIES.

Mummified Child Skeleton : Not for the Squeamish

Tuesday, 25 August 2020, 13:09

Having a free long weekend during my police training, I volunteered to spend three days being repeatedly murdered!

LOL – not many people can start a conversation with that line :o)

There was an intensive SOCO course taking place in the camp Crime Museum and they needed victims. I was given several short, sharp lessons – amongst the gruesome remains pickled in jars of formaldehyde – on how to look garroted or poisoned or asphyxiated.

I think this is , partly, why I can watch programmes like the one below quite objectively.

Although this is utterly horrific and brutal and tragic for that little boy :o(

YUP. I was the victim for the newest SIB SOCO course in Chichester. I was strangled. Had my throat cut. Whacked with a blunt instrument. Poisoned. The entire Cluedo Game in 3 days.

A year later I was asked to join the Special Investigations Branch (SIB) of the RMP. Which is the Military equivalent of the Civilian Police Criminal Investigation Branch (CID) that my Dad had been a part of until he was headhunted for SB.

I chose not to go there after seeing how much trauma my Dad carried every single day.

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