What does this mean?

And why did Jehanne d’Arc die?

Well. She rejected the Church Militant aka the Pope, the Dogma, the CHURCH.

She only ever answered to the Church Triumphant. GOD.

In her mind, there was no conflict between these two allegiances, for all things stemmed from God and shared a common purpose: salvation. For her assessors, however, there was a clear line between the Church Militant and Church Triumphant, a point of difference that helped to set the stage for Joan’s demise.

She got burned for heresy. Or so they say :o)

This Mainstream History about Jehanne d’Arc is a LONG running message to everyone who rejects MAN’s LAWS here on Earth.

She was not sanctified/sainted until 1920. She was burned in 1431. And guess what else this fake history tells us……….?


I’m so tired. Take me to the Church Triumphant and I’ll repeat every single word recorded. Even the nasty bits where I’ve call out the FAKE and the FALSE and the FONEY.

JUDGE ME. Not here on earth but on a Higher Plane.

Thanks x