Of the Phoenicians and how and why and when THEY took over this world.

And WHY certain peeps oi oi are pushing this BS.

Like the Phoneys 1200 to 800 B.C. were the one and only sea-faring nation in the world. Or the one and only peeps that knew about the PURPLE.

I’m thinking that something has taken every single bit of his fame from shite yt videos like this and stamped it on the dumb ass subs who are looking for answers in this fecked up history.

He DENIED me. He DENIED Fomenko and NC. HE denied the BIBLE. He DENIED the Mabinogion. He DENIED the planets and astrology. HE DENIED EVERYTHING BUT HIMSELF.

And he totally totalled me in the worst way possible. In public. With lies and pretence and theft.

Karma is a FUCKING BITCH, Martin. It comes from outside of all of us. It gives the final gifts of Good or EVIL.

Light another spliff, mate and carry on or grow the fuck up. I KNOW South Wales pretty well. Been connected to it for almost 4 decades.

Did I type all that out loud? My bad :o)