If I didn’t believe in reincarnation before, I do now!

Greig is a sept of Clan Gregor.

After being outlawed and proscribed centuries ago:

It was ordained that the name of MacGregor should be abolished and that the whole persons of that name should renounce their name and take some other name and that they nor none of their name and that they nor none of their posterity should call themselves Gregor or MacGregor under pain of death … that any person or persons of the said clan who has already renounced their names or hereafter shall renounce their names or if any of their children or posterity shall at any time hereafter assume or take to themselves the name of Gregor or MacGregor … that every such person or persons assuming or taking to themselves the said name … shall incur the pain of death which pain shall be executed upon them without favour.

My part of the family moved east to Fife and changed the name in order to survive.

Anyone was allowed to murder one of us for no reason and without fear of punishment.

Mmmn. At least 400 years later that seems to be still the case.

Heyho – Once an outlaw always an outlaw :o)

History Repeats.