OMG I love you so much. You are so amazing. Thanks, Professor for opening my eyes. Will you marry me? I LOVE YOU, BABE. You are the BEST. I’m binge watching all your videos. I can’t sleep waiting for your next UPload. LOVE YOU.

We’ve all seen these comments on yt. Usually made by females to males or….Not going there!

I got the exact opposite of the Honey Trap because I’m a girl who challenged the men rather than stalked with honeyed words.

Respect is EARNED not an entitlement given freely. FACT.

I call it SLOBBERING all over a person. Yuk. Cringe. But some men need to feed on that slobber/honey.

Whatever. EGO needs sweet.

Where was I before that rant?

OH. Fuck That says the man below. I’m not a targeted individual, I’m an empowered individual. YAY :o)