God’s Honest. I’m on about day 7 or 8 of my audiobook.

Like I don’t know the story…that’s not the point.

What is piddling me off is the fact that I’m so fatigued by the end of the day, when I snuggle down in bed with my ipad and audiobook – I fall asleep about 2 paragraphs in.

Next night. Rewind. Rewind to a scene I remember. Hit play. Listen. Toss. Turn……..zzzz!


This is a good book. Read by Hugh Fraser aka Captain Hastings.

BTW – it was filmed under it’s other title 13 at Dinner with Faye Dunaway as Jane and DAVID SUCHET as Inspector Japp.

Suchet says that this is his most pathetic role ever and he is ashamed of his performance.

Maybe watch the episode where he plays Poirot ?