The Cross of Wotan is known by many other names.

Cross of Odin

Sun Cross

Celtic Cross

Cathar Cross etc

It is a cross in a circle.

Let’s move to the Greek word ANDROS.

Andros mean MAN.


Andrew, the First called Apostle aka Saint Andrew. The First Called Fisher of Men?

I thought Christ was God’s First Called. Shrug. Anyhoo.

Let’s move on to the legends of the Norse Invasions of the British Isles. Mainly Scotland and Ireland.

Apparently the so-called Vikings…which is a verb not a noun. To GO VIKING is to travel. NOT VI/6 KINGS. Fact!!!

These “invaders” apparently “invaded” with The Cross of Wotan on their war banners.

BUT – what if the sneaky little re-writers of History tilted the banner a few degrees from truth and made it a SALTIRE?

The Slanted Cross upon which Andrew the Apostle was crucified. The symbol of Scotland.

Just to muddy the history of history?

P.S. Why are all “Templar” churches circular? And why do all Templar tomb effigies have their ankles crossed?