I came across this many years ago. It peaked my interest for many reasons.

I’d read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code, Rennes-le-Chateau and many other books around this subject.

I am and have always been a fan (since childhood) of my local boy, Alfie Tennyson.

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail was a research book for me because it mentions not only Jehanne d’Arc but also Claude, Duc de Chevreuse…the husband of Marie de Rohan.

The year is 1622 and Marie de Rohan, disgraced and exiled from the Bourbon court, will do anything to keep her vow. She will protect the unhappy and neglected Anne of Austria, Spanish-born Queen of France.
Beautiful, subtle, witty and fearless, Marie plans her future in the full knowledge that her greatest enemies are also the most powerful and influential men in the country.
‘I think I am destined to be the object of the folly of madmen.’
With France overwhelmed by the domination of Spain and an impending marriage of Charles Stuart of England to the Spanish Infanta, Marie de Rohan is unaware that a brilliant but flawed Englishman, George Villiers, Marquis of Buckingham, has plans of his own for her. And for Anne of Austria.
Louis XIII of France, James Stuart of England, Philip IV of Spain and an intense, wily churchman called Richelieu, politic, promise and then prepare for war.
Yet before three years have passed, the whole of Europe is speaking one name – Marie de Rohan.

Dan Green – Dunno. But this is extremely interesting :o)