aka Elizabeth Chadwick

Writer of HistFic

She totally totalled me on FB years ago when I challenged her history and the “medium” she used to seek the Akashic Records for book info on her characters.

She’s probs deleted me as a FB friend. Dunno. Haven’t checked and not much bovvered.


Daughters of the Grail. Jump. Bandwagon. MUCH?

Thirteenth century France. Bridget has grown up mastering the mystical gifts of her ancestor, Mary Magdalene, whose unbroken female lineage has kept a legacy of wisdom alive for a thousand years. But the all-powerful Catholic Church has sworn to destroy Bridget for using her healing talents and supernatural abilities.
Bridget’s duty to continue the bloodline leads her into the arms of Raoul de Montvallant – a Catholic. But when the Church’s savage religious intolerance causes Raoul to turn rebel, a terrible vengeance is exacted by Simon de Montfort, the unstoppable Catholic leader of a crusade against peaceful ‘heretics’.
As war rages on, it is the children of these passionate souls, Magda and Dominic, who must strive to preserve the ancient knowledge for future generations – and find the love and courage to endure…