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MIA : Missing In Action

If either of the live speakers had live speaked then it would be ALL over both their channels.


Might’ve missed something here. My bad :o(

Martin Liedtke’s Nectar!4.64K subscribersSUBSCRIBE#FEBConference#flatearthbritish FLAT EARTH BRITISH CONFERENCE * THE HOLY GRAIL OF THE GREAT RESET * Speaker Spotlight MARTIN LIEDTKE * Friday 10th September 2021 | E57 Club Birmingham, UK | £25…… SPEAKERS LINE UP CONFIRMED

Martin Liedtke – Flat Earth British Community

Dave Murphy – Allegedly Dave

Mark Devlin – Activist,

Author & DJ Paul Cook – Paul Cook Channel

Jadeth – Future Of The Past

Livestream Speakers:

Autodidactic – Australia

UAP Channel – USA

Juice Saying :o)

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