Caroline Graham has only written 7 Inspector Barnaby Midsomer Murders books in over 40 years.

But she sold the stories to TV and made a fortune.

Way back in 2019 a TV company contacted me about filming my novel.

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January 2019

Monday, 10 August 2020, 18:08

January 2019 was looking soooo hopeful for me.

My work had been featured on FEB and a TV company contacted me about making my novel into a TV series.

Unfortunately (all around) the former now thinks I’m EVIL personified and the latter asked the “DREADED” question about the availability of the RIGHTS to my novel.

Well. Me…being Stupid As me…answered the TV company honestly.

I. ME. MYSELF. Own ALL rights to my novel.

Oh. Dear. Parp. Wrong answer GB.

If the RIGHTS had been split by various other interested parties who were already taking at least 15% of MY income away – they’d’ve negotiated a deal with them and NOT ME.

Which actually meant – GB, you are too Expensive and can fight for yourself :o(

Never heard from Endemol again after that TRUTH BOMBSHELL!!!!

P.S. WHO is the crazy person who’s attacked my email with a mad black marker pen?

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED aka Totally Independent and therefore TOO expensive for y’all :o)