After 1775 there were three nations running to rule the New Empire.

British, French, Russian.

Enter Napoleon and then the Bolsheviks.

Napoleon fought both the Russians and the English as America was finding it’s “new” feet as a World Power.

The Brits won the Empire from the French. How?

Or a Pact was made. Why?

I may be totally wrong in my wanderings here but it is WELL KNOWN that the British Royal Fam is not only related by blood to the Romanov (the debacle of Anna Anderson) but also to Vlad the Impaler.


Then the Brits (being a pissy little island with nothing to offer) could not play in the battle of the Big Dicks. We are only 900 miles long and about 300 miles wide.

Enter the SUPER POWERS i.e. biggest land masses Here On Earth.

USA vs Russia :o)