Mmmn. Wiki vs Real Life ?

Tamzin spent time at a secret location in Hampshire to start training for this “role.”

HIMSELF was one of her trainers. And, by jingo, was he a happy chappy? OH YES. He was already in lust with her tall (? she’s two inches shorter than me…pout) , blonde looks from the TV.

So I asked what she was like. And got back the answer…What an effing miserable, lazy, spiteful, know-it-all bitch.

Apparently she was a watch and play actor rather than a do and re-en-ACT actor.

An – I CAN DO THAT for a few seconds person.

At least they taught her how to wear the beret properly.

I have NEVER watched this series. I did this in real life.

Bitter? Me? N’ah. Amused :o)