I wrote this almost 3 years ago : Amazon Warrior Women were Tartarian Wives

Amazon Warrior Women were Tartarian Wives

Friday, 1 March 2019, 7:41

In the 16th century book Kronika Wszystkiego świata by Marcina Bielski (Chronicle of the Whole World) the author has a chapter called…


They rode and fought with their men as equals.

No kidding!!

But – as another name for Tartarian is Scythian. And Scythian is another name for Scandanavian; these stories have come down to us via the Norse Sagas about Warrior Viking Women.

I’ve tracked down a copy of the above book. But I can’t read Polish. D’oh.

What happened to these women?

Their biggest fights now are with other women for the next Nail Appointment or Fancy Handbag or Good-Looking BDE Man.

Sheesh. What a crock……!

P.S. I can’t watch this film without crying. FACT.