I need a bit of an oomph after days of feeling drained so I decided to have a Peasant Food weekend.

I was taught about this kind of stuff by one of the best, Leslie Kenton. And even she moved away from many commercially available Vitamin and Mineral supplements. She used one company – iherb.com. And another nutritionist friend only ever used a Norwegian company that few have heard of.

I prefer to do all this supplement stuff via food now. Except in extremis.

So, today and tomorrow it’s Tuscan Bean Soup…or as I call it European Peasant Bean Soup.

The carrots, onions, leeks, cabbage and tomatoes are all locally grown. The tinned tomatoes are Italian. As are the cannelloni beans. The chicken stock is from “destination unknown.” And I’ve added Spanish chorizo sausage plus Herbes de Provence and a splash of V8 juice.

This is one of those meals that improves with age. Store leftovers in the fridge and the next day it will taste even better.

This is – basically – how I made it.

And yes. GR was the only video that came close to my version.