Ego is NOT a bad thing, per se.

The ego is here to protect us. Especially when the very young are traumatised. Their ego will develop to save them.

Mine developed into a need to be alone and read and learn and understand. So that I could grow up and face the REAL WORLD without the need to hide my TRUE soul.

If you have the wherewithal to understand this concept then you can reign/rein/rain in this guardian before IT becomes YOU.

We have all suffered trauma in one way or another. We have all been given a way to cope.

But – like so many other “gifts,” ego can be abused by our own selves.

There is nothing worse than an “egotist” or “egoist.”

These types of people will always be right. In their own heads. They can NEVER be challenged.

What these people don’t comprehend is the FACT that their EGO has run rampant because they are too weak to face their own life trauma.

‘Scuse me. Like you are the only person who ever lived who has been treated badly? Really?

When you can’t face YOUR SHADOW aka everything that you have done and everything that has been done to you with grace and acceptance and humility…SHRUG. Your bad.

In my world we see these kind of people as ENTITLED because they’ve spent their entire lives having smoke blown up their arse to inflate their sense of importance and omnipotence. They become greater than God and all the saints and angels. THEY ARE INVINCIBLE!

Just my opinions based on observation and experience :o)