The Levanter is a huge cloud that blows in from the Levant and shrouds the top of the Rock of Gibraltar many times.

I know this because I lived there for over two years.

For us residents it (Levanter) meant that all the heat would be pushed down on us and we could sit as still as a still thing and still sweat buckets. FACT.

And then – some person (closely connected to me..!) decided to do a special “let’s include our wives” gig one day.

Abseiling down the face of the Rock.

I have zero problems admitting that I’m sheet-scared of heights. As in TERRIFIED. But I did NOT fail him.

The going down was OK (!)

It was the climbing back up to the top via a 99 thousand foot rusty steel ladder lean that freaked me the most. Like on top of Glencoe. I FROZE. And then prayed for my life.

BUT : I girded my loins and did the entire crazy thing once again. Down the snake, up the ladder :o)

P.S. Some bad words may have been blurted out!!!!