My Dad was a TRUE Highlander. Though he could never admit it :o(

But others knew and they destroyed his career as a Policeperson for it. Sound familiar?

The Copper’s Hunch is the Power of Intuition. It comes from within and is WITHOUT physical evidence. Just a feeling. A knowing.

When I was a kid, my Father took 30 minutes from the crime being committed to Dad having the perp in the interview room. He KNEW.

Perp was sent down.

I am my father’s daughter and I WILL admit being exactly what he and I and everyone one of our shared ancestors are.

And I make no distinctions here. Highlander, Native American, African, Greek, Serbo-Croat…this INNER KNOWING is all inclusive.

The Highlanders and the Native Americans are (in my world) more famous for their Far-Sight. We operate via feeling and seeing the bigger picture and how everything connects. Observation. Ingrained behavioural patterns. The slight faults in the storyline. The unmistakeable movement of the eye as it squints.

It is what it is. The seen is NEVER unseen. The felt is NEVER unfelt. The knowledge is NEVER unknowledge.

Sherlock Holmes is the BEST example of a 5 enneagram

Intuitive Thinker : 5 Enneagram

Type Five is a person who pulls back from the world and others to observe and prefers to live in their mind. They may be wise, visionary, and knowledgeable; or abstract, stingy, eccentric, and intellectually arrogant.

I’m a natural 6. With VERY strong 5. This LOYALIST chose to withdraw into stingy eccentricity :o)