Never, ever in my entire life have I come across such spite, bile, venom and vitriol as I’ve seen and experienced in the Flat/Truth “Community.”

FACT of all FACTS. It has been NASTY! And Degrading. And Totally Pointless!

Jeez. Why put yourselves through this BS ?

Surely y’all have heard of land mines and sea mines? They are disgusting IRL but metaphorical hidden bombs are much more effective.

Why rally in the streets and proclaim GayPride or Socialism or CampforNukeDisarm or Freedom for Frogs or whatever the latest thing is?

This stuff will always cost more than it pays. And who REALLY gives a flying ferret about what YOU have chosen to Proclaim?

There are so many more life-changing and valid fights to fight.

Fight AGAINST the stuff that will make life better for others aka EVERYONE?

Child Abuse. The erosion of family life. Mass Murder. This all-encompassing need to cover our world with concrete. A fair wage for a fair days work. The right to travel. The right to LIVE. The right for every single person to know that there is MORE than enough food and money and housing for everyone. The right to wear the skin that you are born with and the accent and the language. The right to love and laugh and be free.

Life is short. Life is precious. Life is OURS to live.

I’m so glad that I can rant in peace and total oblivion :o)