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America…Mexico…Native American Tribes….LINKS via personal letters that are well HIDDEN but still available.

American Tribes originate from the Tatars – 1797 letter

Tuesday, 12 March 2019, 13:26

And I quote….


[Bethlehem (Pennsylvania), no earlier than November 1797 and no later than April 1798] 1

I received your letter from Petersburg on March 21, 1797. 2 in November. From it I learned with pleasure that you (according to my wish) decided to send me separate parts from the collection of scientific papers on economics. I would like to receive them before my departure to the west; and yet during the trip and stay in Gaskingen I will pay attention to everything that can be useful and useful for imp. economic society. I attach several small works to this letter, partly related to agriculture, partly to the study of the origin of the Indians on the basis of a comparative study of Asian languages 3 .Professor Burton, who published this study, wrote to me from Philadelphia on March 13 the following: “I have made, I have made, great additions to my vocabularies. I love you to be able to show the world and the Tartar, and the Asiatic Languages. I have, at length, found out the Mexican Language in Asia. You will be surprised at the affinities » 4 . Perhaps our American tribes originate from Asia, most of them probably from the Tatars.

I have the honor …

PS I consider it my duty to save for you those minerals that I can get. Before that, I passed them to other collectors.

MA, Masland Collection, Box 1, folder 6. Copy (autograph), it. lang”


1 . The basis for the date is the receipt in November 1797 of a letter from Nartova by Heckevelder, the answer to which is the published document, and the fact that Heckweederder left Betlohem to the west in April 1798

2 In it, Nartov asked Heckewelder to send him information about the flora of North America and reported that the Free Economic Society would send him, in turn, German economic tracts. See: MA, Masland Collection, Box 1, folder 4.

3 The original is not attached. This refers to the work of B. S. Barton “New View of the Tribes and Nations of America” (Philadelphia, 1797).

4 I have already made and continue to make significant additions to my dictionaries. I will be able to show a great similarity between the languages ​​of the indigenous people of America, the Tatar, and Asian languages. Finally, in Asia, I discovered the languages ​​of the peoples of Mexico. You will be surprised by the similarities . The full text of the letter of March 13, 1798 was not found.