I wrote this in September 2019.

How to Heal the World – In One Easy Lesson

Saturday, 7 September 2019, 14:57

Nuair a thig air duine thig air uile.

Translation: When it comes on one it comes on all.

Healing yourself in the present also heals all timelines.
The karma of the past (the ancestors) and the future (those yet to be born.)

This, to me, is all about Know Thyself. And yesterday proved that I’ve taught my own children how to do what I’ve always done.

Speak Truth with love.

When youngest separated his parents and gave us a good dressing down for our totally childish behaviour…WOW!

He was not angry or spiteful or malicious. He was being TRUE.

We WERE behaving like spoilt little brats trying to prove which one of us was right.

The fact that both of us spoilt brats accepted the TRUTH and surrendered to it was TELLING.

When your ego and your NEED to be RIGHT over-rides a loving and well-meant slap in the face – then YOU are the problem.

In my opinion.