In MY world this signifies 72, 000 men with 72,000 women who are HERE NOW to bring down healing and justice.

Some call them Twin Flames. They MUST be a male and a female working together — which is exactly what we all carry inside us.

This is also known as the powerful Androgynous Being.

Which really means a person who has balanced both the male and the female energies inside of themselves.

When a man and woman who have been to hell and back to balance their own selves – they come together to help heal the world.

This is a SHIT journey with more pain, more anguish, more wounds, more learning, more betrayal, more rejection, more abandonment, more trauma, more lies told to them, more hatred, more love, more soul-searching, more fear, more utter terror, more Dark Nights of the Soul, more NDE’s, more UNDERSTANDING about anything EVER experienced by others.

The 144,000 (which is 9!) are the True. The Beautiful. And the So Effing Damaged that they can teach from Real Life Experience.

So far: The 72,000 females have been acknowledged.

Where are the MEN? Have they ALL been voluntarily castrated???