Revenge comes in most unexpected places :o)

He’s been after my beautiful roses for years. Especially the ones rambling up the front of the house, in the guttering and over the roof tiles and wires.

Today he went to war with a ladder lean and secateurs.

OMGood Grief. The language could be heard all over the village!

What did I do?

I stood at the bottom of the ladder and laughed out loud every single time the rose thorns ripped him to bits.

So – he began throwing huge blood-soaked thorny branches at my head.

I shouted a few names at him.

He decides to prune the pear tree at the same time and began throwing pear laden branches at me.

I laughed, picked the unripe pears off and threw them back at him.

And then all the fun stopped.

Youngest came out and gave us both a good telling off. He could hear us from his room at the back of the house and was disgusted.