I tried this once in a controlled environment with himself and his sister.

OMG. Did we laugh? For about three hours we had the BEST fun together.

And then……!

I was so sick and drained and morose.

My visitors yesterday brought this subject up out of the blue. My brother’s wife is a Dispensar. OK a non-word. She DISPENSES drugs in a pharmacy and their 17 year old daughter is the Saturday girl.

My niece, their daughter, is in college and just about ALL of her fellow students do dope. She won’t. Well, considering that her Dad is a policeperson and as anti-this as me, no wonder!

WHY was Cannabis legalised? For WHAT reason?

To create a culture of DOPE heads?

Now. I have NOTHING whatsoever against CBD oil. I have used this on my late dog and myself.

Smoke them if you have them is the current yt rally cry. And one/two MASSIVE famous yt’bers are the BIGGEST dopers of all. ON SCREEN!!!!!

Just MY opinion.

I let my youngest son do this too. He HAD to learn. And I was the one who cleared up the resulting battles and the puke. FACT!