In my world, Interior Design starts inside.


The heart never lies. ALL comes from here, if you know how to understand this.

I LOVE my utility room. It’s huge. The F1RST room you see when you come in the back door. Which is our preferred entrance.

I have here :

A Victorian Butlers Sink so old and stained that nothing can clean it. Two small fridges. A huge and broken American Fridge/Freezer. A small freezer. Washing machine. Tumble dryer. Antique Hungarian Dog Cart that holds all the unironed to-be-ironed clothes. An expandable clothes horse. Steel Catering Shelves that hold “stuff.” A hoover. A big damp patch. Three sweeping brushes. Two mops and one bucket. A few pictures. An antique mirror. All the electrical electric boxes and meters. A head of an ancient Roman…cast in stone. Some silk flowers in enamel jugs. Drying herbs. A microwave. The vegetable box. About half a million shoes and muddy boots all hidden behind a curtain I made. AND….

Plaster peeling off the walls. A zillion cobwebs. An unpainted plaster patch on the ceiling from when the loo above leaked everywhere and blew all the electrics. And a sign saying : YOUR MOTHER DOES NOT WORK HERE.

But. In my head I live HERE :o)