This date 19th of January 2019 when I wrote this :

The Hiding of Tartaria – A Very Personal Quest

Tuesday, 19 February 2019, 14:04

The Tartan above is my family Tartan. My father’s Tartan. And it was displayed as ribbon favours on my wedding cake.

Last year, I had my DNA “done.”

It came back –

36% Scottish = 36% Scythian =36% Tartarian.

29% Scandinavian = 29% Nova Scythian = 29% Tartarian.

11% English = 11%  “Anglo-Saxon” = 11% Tartarian

And the rest is Caucasian, Russian, Italian and German.

That makes it as close to 100% as no-never-mind.



Just saying :o)

ONE DAY AGO this was written :

The Realm

19 hours agoFellows, here is an idea to settle the issue once and for all— DNA 🧬 Follow the genetic trail and see where it leads. So often we have witness the thousands of “orphans” children and not one of any other ethnicity besides Caucasian— I believe a mountainous region bearing the same root name and falling within the old Tartarian empire— however not 1 orphans photographed are Asian, Negro or any other “race” beside the stated. What do you after exterminating vast numbers of adult men and women?… round up the children and ship ‘em off to all corners of the world; Change their identities and language; portrait a false narrative as to their new identity and even sell them off to perform labor (factories and farms) until emancipated by age 18-21 years old… But hey, I’m just going by instinct here but something the controllers cannot hide or rewrite is the DNA 🧬 CHEERS 🍻

Follow the clickable links to this channel. Who DELETED comments from BOTH my names THE HIDDEN HISTORY PROJECT (so hidden that no one can find it) and GRETA BROOKES (banned for ever more lifetimes by trolls and wannabes and copycats.)