Apparently I’m gonna “kill” the youngster who did not show up here for tea yesterday.

That’s bad juju!

Not mine.

It belongs to the two blokes (one of which I’m connected to) who’ve spent all day winding the kid up.

We have always attracted the singlies.

I’ve lost count of how many meals I’ve cooked for single blokes from across the world over the decades.

It is quite tragic really to think that all these young men hunger for is a home, a table, good food, company and chance to relax.

I’m mortified that he is now shit-scared of me :o(

I can cook this in my sleep. It was not Beef Wellington with asparagus and dauphinois.

P.S. I used Cumberland Sausages, Bacon, Red Peppers, Red Onion and that spirally pasta…name escapes me.