This is more than I can bear.

But it must be happening for a reason.

Close friend’s son, high as a kite, pours petrol on himself and ….!

To punish the father who had rescued him from the mother who’d rejected him?

Then yesterday I was told something that haunts me. Involving a lovely girl that I went to Junior School with.

She fosters broken children. My friend.

She had fostered a teenage girl who had been sexually abused by one of the mother’s MANY boyfriends as a BABY.

I’m not qualified to qualify the repercussions of such a heinous crime. All I know is that the teenage girl now has a physical reaction to men (the hairs on her arms stand up and she pounces, grabs, entices.)

This girl HAS to have sex with any man. She will give birth to many babies that will be taken away from her as soon as they are born.


More to the point –

Why do I feel an overwhelming need to share this publicly?

I know. Do you?