I admire Gordon Ramsey for many reasons.

His inbuilt BS detector.

His HATRED of Liars.

His Scottishness.

But I’m slightly biased about the last one :o)

Paul, our local butcher, is an artist. Not the kind of artist you think but still. He’s a craftsman.

I can walk past our butcher’s shop and actually see and smell the chickens roasting on the spit.

What does GR say here…about customers deserving BETTER?

I work 7 days a week. At the strangest hours. For ZERO money. ZERO acknowledgment. ZERO respect.

I give MY consumers the best that I can. It’s not perfect. I’m learning too.

Bans. Trolls. Insults. Humiliation. Wholesale THEFT of my words has been MY reward.

Oh. You sound so bitter as some yt commenter wrote the other day.


In MY world this is called INJUSTICE.

P.S. Not one single one of my detractors has had the wherewith-all to present ME with a valid, observable, reproducible, repeatable PROPER counter argument to MY comments. They just like to insult and destroy and snark and smug-smile. FACT!