That was his nickname. Apparently he was short in stature.

Hence the English word CURT : To be short or brief or concise.

He was William the Bastard Conqueror’s eldest son. Daddy didn’t like him much and made his younger brother William Rufus (Red-Haired) King of England.

Rufus was killed mysteriously by an arrow in a forest and the youngest brother, Henry I, claimed the throne of England.

Sibling Rivalry or WHAT?

Anyhoo. Allegedly, Robert, totally bored with his family, decided to go away from Normandy in 1096 and fight those dreadful Saracens in the Middle East.

This is called – by Mainstream History – the F1RST Crusade.

OK. Whatever. BlahBlahBlah.

The “FRANKS” aka foreigners killed a lot of Muslims and then got killed themselves BUT – The West Took Over Jerusalem and installed a French Person called Godfrey as KING. Yay (?)

I’m in a snarky mood today :o)