We all KNOW this title – KING OF KINGS. It was given to the Emperor.

QUEEN OF QUEENS belongs to his counterpart. The Empress.

When you know the Tarot you KNOW that Emperor and Empress embody all four kings & queens. They embody Fire, Air, Earth and Water.

Andronicus I Comenus was Emperor.

His grandfather, David, was Emperor.

His cousin, granddaughter of David the Builder, Tamar, was Empress. She was known as the Queen of Queens.

And we still spend time and energy on Kings & Queens.

Napoleon? Emperor?


Emperor Vespasian?

Historical Grand Theft Auto?

In my opinion, our most venerated Kings & Queens ALL come from mere managerial families. The richest peeps placed everywhere around the Empire to do the humdrum, day-to-day BS. They were neither Royal nor Real nor Rulers.