The Great Dumb-Downtaria: Just LOOK at What Y’all Have Done!

Over three years I’ve been fighting this world wide B.S. But I’m only one person.


To Be

The BIGGEST DUMB-DOWN in modern history.

Girly here hits some great points.

Said it before, Say it again – I WILL LIVE AND DIE by my much hated actions.

Sue me. You’ll get a falling down, freezing cold house and a few trees :o)

FFS – people are now going around and teaching this? And when they get laughed at…..THEY FIGHT! Without one ounce of real evidence.

Take your Tartaria/Mud Flood/Melted Buildings/Antiqitech/Aquatech crap to a court room.


Shout Cures Dis – Ease

I’ve shouted and bitched and splurged and been brutally honest.

Hey. I’m a Sagittarian – we are well known for being tactless and blunt. Why? Because we refuse to hold on to pain. We HAVE to be transparent and open. Love us or hate us….!

I swear to my God that I’m blessed. All pain and resentment and anger and frustration and pain, when held in, causes DIS – EASE. The polar opposite of ease.

Life is a battle, whether you want it to be or not. Life IS dualistic.






We NEED the bad opposite in order to appreciate good we’ve known.

That’s why I “shout, shout, let it all out.”

No-one WILL EVER give a pain worm that festers inside my body to ruin my health. Fact!

Take it or leave it. Punch me or hug me :o)

Ceilidh – Happy St Andrew’s Day….Again

A couple of days ago someone clicked on a post of mine where I got salty about people from The Royal Kingdom of Fife being inter-bred…

I’m related to…

Samuel Greig married Sarah (1752–1793), daughter of Alexander Cook. Their union would give rise to children and grandchildren who later married into the Russian and German nobility.

Mmmn. In the 20th century the Greig’s and the Cook’s married again.

My Dad’s sister, Joy, married Archie Cook. Both of them local.

They had three daughters and the last time I went to a full Scottish Ceilidh was their eldest daughter, Fiona’s, wedding in Kinghorn. We don’t do pompous. FUN and Family are the Name of the Game

OMG. LOTS of men in kilts. Lots of music. Lots of dancing. My Dad even asked me for a dance but I was 8 months pregnant with my first son and felt like a heffalump. I couldn’t even toast the bride with a dram :o(

Father & Son

This song, this rendition of this song, brings me to tears.

Yes. Mothers can be abusive and toxic but a boy-child NEEDS a guiding male to help him grow into a REAL MAN.

The family has been broken down in so many ways.

Porn and SeX addictions and the need for money have made so many men HIT & QUIT & MOVE TO THE NEXT AVAILABLE.

Mothers and sons can be overwhelming and stunt growth. I know. I’ve never not been there for them and the price is being paid now. I even do their washing for them :o)

But they adore their Dad.


I posted a few days back about the time when my husband was away for 6 months and my Haters devised a plan to destroy me. They wanted to catch me in a threesome. With my two young children asleep in the house.

But they lacked certain facts. Like the FACT that the Officer Commanding of the Unit, Mr Green, had been my training officer in Chichester. Or the fact that it was HIM who’d given me the best recruit posting – to Berlin. Or the fact that he had taken me to one side during training and told me that I needed to go to Sandhurst to train as an officer. I refused.

LOL. ME? An officer? I’m a peasant.

The morning after that horrific night, Mr Green summoned me to his office and implored me to sue the perps for what they’d done. He even gave me the card of his own family lawyer and DEMANDED that I do as he said.

I refused. His reply?

Jackie – You have shown great dignity in all of this.

I’ve never forgotten that compliment.

26th of January 2019 vs 1st of February 2019 | Metropolis

the first date above belongs to me…. HERE

Hidden History Research



Jacquelyn GreigLove to All1 CommentEdit”Metropolis 1927″

This film has fascinated and freaked me out in equal measure for many years.


A screenshot from the film (!!)

If you’ve never watched it, I suggest that you do…and apply all you see to our lives today.


Some thing took my words to heart and watched. Then V logged.


A few months later, he (self-proclaimed good looking and clever guy) and his wingman (Venus Rose) publicly proclaimed that they’d have over 100,000 subs by Christmas that year.

Slidele, Slidele. Slidele. (A Bottom out-take)

Both of them are experts at NOT facing up.

She disappeared when her channel name V became synonymous with the Covid Vax.

And he’s NEVER been cited in any Tartaria Psy-Op debunk video. We don’t even know his name but he has the BEST place to learn TRUTH……

He & she were also the V ery first channel (UAV) to ban me for life !

Absolute. God’s Honest. Truth.

Even V’s alter-ego has changed her name from AB-USE to MB-still is ABUSE. And she still can’t find her Scottish/Tartarian BOI family because she’s so caught up in LUST.

Ahem. I AM NOT your whipping post, U2/3. Nor am I a tethered goat.

Nor do I STEAL YOUR WORK and make money from it.

Which Witch is Which?

Two Weeks…Upping the Ante

Levi started it.

Autod followed.

UAP is close behind.

So they are using Poverty consciousness now?

Poverty consciousness is the belief that there isn’t enough of anything to go around: not enough money, not enough time, not enough planning, leaders, clean air, rest, love – just about anything that you want or think you and others need, or that is important to you

Like toilet rolls or petrol or bread or…..!

I’m a non-gambler. Even in Skeg-Vegas, with all those fruit machines, I’d get bored in 5 minutes.

The Casino in Gibraltar…I made one bet on Roulette and got bored.

The one and only time I have been in a betting office was around 13/14/15 years. My husband laid a bet for me (amidst throngs of laughter) that Arsenal would win the Premier League.

I went in to collect my winnings. £90.

I don’t even do the lottery.

The one and only time I played poker was aged 17. In Marbella, Spain. I got a Royal Flush and was banned from the game forthwith

Whenever I make a verbal bet – I will bet about £33 or 66 or 99 zillion pounds :o)

The Great Awakening : WHY?

Even my parents-in-law, who are from that generation that OBEYED orders from above, can see what is going on now.

They, too, have lost all faith in government and “news” and society as it is now.

The Great Awakening has many layers. There were those of us who always questioned authority. Even when I served as a teenager in H.M. Forces I had this innate knowledge that respect is EARNED not given just because y’all went to Sandhurst and had shiny decorations on your shoulders.

Then there are those who gave birth to the “truth” community. They have uncovered so much, so many lies………..!

Now we have a new wave of WOKE people who see right through the “truth” community…. and so many new lies!

But, much like those whom these Truthers denigrate and verbally spit upon, this same community is STILL incapable of taking account for what they have done. I.E. Trodden the same path as those they proclaim to despise.

There is no real love there. Just numbers – subs, views, videos produced, followers, believers (Hallelujah) and ways that y’all can make donations.

They are now being seen for what they truly are. And people like me – who questioned them years ago – are now Banned. Dead. Hidden. Abused. Threatened. Humiliated.


But y’all CANNOT stop those who come behind us and question. And debunk. And disbelieve. And need answers.



If not me or those of my ilk – there will always be others demanding answers that these truthers can never confront.


I’m Scottish. We do NOT kiss arse. We confront and challenge and operate under the Divine Law of TOUGH LOVE.


Can you survive or are YOU the weakest link?

These Are The Contents of MY head :o)


I’ve spent more than 4 years watching this stuff and all I’ve learned is….

A RESET happened (dates and contemporary evidence unknown)

A population was destroyed (dates and reasons and contemporary evidence unknown)

A new population came in from underground (dates, reasons, location and contemporary evidence unknown)

All BIGGER THAN A BOX buildings were built by an older world (dates, reasons, wherewithal, contemporary evidence unknown)

A mud flood happened (dates, reasons, specific locations, contemporary evidence unknown)

Some kind of slitty eyed reptiles took over mankind dates, (reasons, wherewithal, contemporary evidence unknown)

We were all made shorter than 30 or more feet tall (dates, reasons, wherewithal, contemporary evidence unknown)

The sun and the moon are fake and just man-made reflections of the earth (ditto)

The pyramids contain extraordinary powers (ditto)

A GREAT FLOOD wiped out most of the known world (ditto)

All photographs in the entirety of photographic history have been vanilla’d (faked) …… ditto all previous dittos.

There is NO HISTORY AT ALL before 1850 even though my own family have traced us back to the 1500’s (I’ve gone ditto mad)

God Does NOT EXIST anymore – he’s been kicked out by The They Them ELITE CONTROLLERS. (see above dittos)

I’m not picking on the girl in the video below. She’s done exactly what she was programmed to do. And made a great case for her Tartaria lesson to every single person who has access to youtube.

She is one amongst MANY.

Hey. I work alone and own this blog – So I’m allowed FREE SPEECH HERE!


Happy St Andrew’s Day

Today is a holiday in Scotland. It’s also my late Nan’s birthday.

The history of St Andrew is complicated by various layers of stories, especially the biblical one, but N.C. postulates that St Andrew, the First Called, is actually a reflection of Andronicus I Comnenus (the name comes from Andros – Greek for man) and Jesus Christ. Both of whom were crucified.

He is also the patron saint of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Malta amongst others. He is venerated in the Crimea too.

The Scottish flag is probably the most famous of all saltires or Cross of St.Andrew and it is so easy to see how this man could have travelled to the far north of the British Isles, especially when he was closely tied to the Varangian (the Nordic Guards of the Byzantine Royal family.)

Anyway – Happy Holidays Scotland :o)

You Too Can Have a Neighbour Like THIS.

It reminds me of the woman in our village who was eventually SECTIONED under the Mental Health Act for calling 999 too often.

And my brother in law’s Mum who has a ghost that keeps putting strange food in her microwave and calls 999 too often.

THIS ONE called 999 and also called his elderly neighbour a tosser.

And he’s made a video about it.

Well done EVERY FEB fanatic for following such a disgusting specimen of humanity.

In my opinion!

Surrounded by CHARMERS

THE Charmer…

The Charmer was a 1987 British television serial set in the 1930s, and starring Nigel Havers as Ralph Ernest Gorse, a seducing conman, Rosemary Leach as Joan Plumleigh-Bruce, a smitten victim widow and Bernard Hepton as Donald Stimpson, Plumleigh-Bruce’s would-be beau, who vengefully pursues Gorse after he has conned her.

I remember watching the whole series. Very enlightening!

I KNOW a SNAKE when I come across one.

They are also called KARMICS.

Karmics come into our lives to teach a necessary but extremely CRUEL lesson.

You have to thank them for the warning that cobras ARE poisonous. And it’s quite daft to ever go near another one.


Woohoo. Another youtube BAN

Alt World Discovery has now banned me too.

Unable to comment on anything.

Mmmmn. There is a pattern here. A four year long pattern of the same people banning me.

Alt World Discovery is meant to be a team effort between Autodidactic, FEB and Dougal UAP.

All of these peeps are getting hit hard by people who call them out for what they are.

Like me.

But the “message” HAS to be continued. The “ride” has to go on. The EGO is still filling all of space and the worlds beyond !

We Are ALL Doomed!

I swear to God that Frazer was a deeply entrenched Scottish Presbyterian.

Dour….rhymes with sewer.

I grew up with these Dour….rhymes with sewer…family members. My mother was afraid of NO-ONE. Except Lily. My paternal grandmother. Mum admitted that to me several times.

Me, myself & I am/are (?) more of an Epicurean.

Eat. Drink. And be Merry. For tomorrow we die.

I KNOW this to be true. In real life. My Mum was there one day. Gone the next.

You can be the healthiest, fittest, most sober, most select person in the whole world but get on a bike or in a car or on a plane or walk down the street and it’s……Oh. Pearly Gates, eh? Hi, St. Peter. WTF am I doing here?

Never go to bed on an argument with loved ones. NEVER disrespect/denigrate/deny/dispose of dearly loved ones.

Talking of FEY. I was living in Ulster with an 18 month old and newly pregnant when an urge came upon me to go home. I HAD to go home. No hindsight here. My Mum and I had been estranged for over a year with no contact but -still – this feeling was strong. I KNEW that it would be the last time that I’d see someone in the family. I thought it was Nan (Nana-Anne as my boys called her.)

So I went home for a week. Told my parents that they were going to have their second grandchild in 7 months.

6 weeks later my Mum died very suddenly.

Don’t be an egotistical/I’m always right/what the eff do you know? arse.

We are ALL Doomed :o)

P.S. Frazer was also an undertaker in the show!

Cesspools vs Septic Tanks

These are basically the same thing. Expect for the fact that from antiquity they were called cesspools and in the late 1880’s they were reinvented as septic tanks.

We also know that pumps and hydraulics have an ancient history.

Luckily, my village is on mains plumbing but we still, sometimes, have to “shovel shit.”

Last week I came across a cesspool of a commenter. I’d commented. She commented – “you are kidding me”

I commented back with a true story about war conditions.

Several comments later, she played her hand. Having NOT ONCE answered a single question of mine.

So, you are actually saying that I AM RIGHT, then? She Said.

I cleaned that cesspool with a delete and a ban forever button.

What a total waste of energy. What a total pit of cess.


And think again about modern plumbing in old buildings ? ? ?



For the first 17 years of my life I lived in tiny Navy and then Police quarters. A semi-detached with 3 bedrooms….and I always got the box room.

Even as a child I would draw very detailed floor plans of my dream home.

The plans changed with age but I still do it now. And still ADORE the amazing cathedrals and churches and castles and manors and cottages we have here in Britain.

My own memory palace always starts with a guardian at the front door to whom I pay the utmost respect. Her daughters pop up in certain important rooms with certain important memories.

Calliope guards the library.

Terpsichore guards the music.

Clio….speaks for me !

Ars Memoriae

I know this system best via Giordano Bruno (burned at the stake 1600) and Dame Frances Yates.

This is an ancient “art” with several methods of use.

My favourite is the method of loci or Architectural Memory.

It’s not so hard. We do it all the time – especially in a supermarket. Until they move stuff around the aisles and shelves. Harumph!

Today it’s not so well-known. Especially when we bring in melted buildings and mud flood and DEWS and Giant Elites with tiny servants and bedsits and tower blocks and ….!

I’d bet that most of the population only know anything about this via the TV series Sherlock.

Old World vs New World :o)

Alternate World History : The Man in the High Castle

You don’t need to read this to understand me.

So we have an alternate history now. Written by, videoed by, shared by, vlogged by, a small number of people who have made such an impact on so many minds via the W.W.WEB that I, personally, absolutely feel/think/believe there can and will be no reparations.

Ego and money took over TRUTH and sanity.

Just because a few historical dates and circumstances were (almost =99.99999% = definitely) changed – we are now being taught by unqualified teachers that ALL HISTORY IS A LIE.

I was told the other day in a live chat WITH ABSOLUTE CONVICTION that the pyramids of Egypt had been submerged by “The Flood” for 300 years.

I left that “fact” hanging and contained my disbelief.

What so many seem to ignore is that NOW, this time, is about 400 years after the manipulation of history first began. How many generations of pupils have come and gone since then? How many teachers? How many books written?

Historians today are NOT stupid or evil or thick as pig shit. They just repeat what they’ve been taught. Without question.

We are in a whole new era of equivocation and dissimulation.

Were there not Japanese soldiers found who had no idea that the War had ended ?

Are there not youtube alt history viewers who have no idea that they are being conned?

Even PKD could not write a sequel to this book. He’d had enough of fascism!

a political system headed by a dictator in which the government (or youtube) controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.

Food To Die For

I have had this cookbook for years.

Way back in the ’90’s I read the Scarpetta stories but became bored by the time Blow Fly was released.

Anyhoo – this Patricia Cornwell book is a favourite. Even though I only use three recipes.

The Marinara Sauce.

The tiny cheese scones (brilliant for a party topped with prosciutto or cream cheese or feta and olive or whatever, whatever.)

Today I made her Beef Stew Recipe. With a twist or two.

Youngest son has the sniffles and feels a bit down so I did a HUGE pot of this using a small bottle of red wine, Worcestershire sauce, dark soy sauce and Red Leicester Cheese and Herbs de Provence Dumplings.

OMG. Warmth. Comfort. Smiles all round :o)


BFF & I have a cunning plan.

We are both escaping real life, nicking a Campervan and finding a mountain and/or loch to live in the shelter off. Sans husbands, sans kids, sans drudge.

Her ancestry is wonderful. Welsh, White Jamaican, a teensy bit of Scottish and her Dad was born of a German Baron.

Why the Highlands? Nobody knows :o)

I’ve been watching these videos today in preparation for life in the wild mountainsides with a mad woman who has led me into many a madcap adventure since we were kids !!!

BTW : the image above is a Tartan Favour. My wedding cake was decorated with them and all the family was given a piece of MacGregor Tartan as a token of love and fidelity.

This one is MINE.

P.S. She may be half Red, Gold and Green.

I’m ALL Red, White and Green !

Built In Obsolescence

The video below made me cry towards the end.

It triggered two very recent conversations.

A member of the family has dementia. She is 96. Lives alone in Cornwell and her only surviving relative (her son, my brother-in-law) gets weekly phone calls from the local Cornish police. The last call was to tell him that his Mum had made one too many 999 calls, claiming that there was a ghost in her house who kept putting strange food in the microwave.

My brother-in-law has to drop everything, drive nearly 3 hours and see to his Mum.

Then, on my birthday, BFF and I have a wonderful 3 hour long conversation on the phone. Her Dad is now living with her, her husband and her three grown up children because he’s alone and has dementia.

I’ve known Nick since I was 11 years old. An RAF Squadron Leader who flew fighter jets and could outwit EVERYONE with his quick mind.

Karen asked if I’d like to talk to her Dad. So I did. For ages. Bless his heart. He remembered EXACTLY who I was :o)

I have so much research – decades of it – stored on kaput computers that are built to die. But I also have photographs, objets d’art, child drawings, letters, cards, jewellery, clothing, stones, seashells…a hundred thousand million MEMORIES of my life.

Our attic has sealed boxes filled with my sons’ childhood favourite things.

That minimalist living lark never struck a chord. We are humans and NEED tangibles to bring back memories.

Tiggy is a bit of a “whatnot” here. Until she breaks down.

There is always a line that needs to be drawn.

BTW – who INVENTED dementia? The cruelest of all suffering.

Last Winter IT was CV. This Winter IT is Flu

Got to love them scientists!!!

And the BBC.

News from the 24th of November 2022

Universal flu vaccine could counter future pandemic

  • Published13 hours ago
  • commentsComments

Scientists say they have made a breakthrough designing a vaccine against all 20 known types of flu.

It uses the same messenger-ribonucleic-acid (mRNA) technology as successful Covid vaccines.

Flu mutates and the current annual jab is updated to ensure the best match for the sort circulating but would probably not protect against new pandemic types.

The new vaccine triggered high levels of antibodies, in tests on ferrets and mice, that could fight a broad range.

The antigens it contains – safe copies of recognisable bits of all 20 known subtypes of influenza A and B viruses – can teach the immune system how to fight them and, hopefully, any new strain that could spark a pandemic, the researchers say, in the journal Science.

“The idea here is to have a vaccine that will give people a baseline level of immune memory to diverse flu strains,” Dr Scott Hensley, one of the scientists behind the work, at the University of Pennsylvania, said.

“There will be far less disease and death when the next flu pandemic occurs.”

The “Truther” Community IS Aboard The Demeter…

…just off landfall at Whitby but in full panic because the hold is holding many coffins full of mud. There is a shape-shifting MAD DOG on the loose and the only thing the Captain can do (as sole survivor) is strap himself to the wheel and pray to God for deliverance.

BTW – Demeter is the Greek Goddess of the Earth. Food. Agriculture. Grain. LIFE and also the mother of Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades and forced to spend half a year underground.

Am I the only person who sees these VAMPIRES feeding off our ignorance and stupidity?

Cafeteria History

As cafeterias require few employees, they are often found within a larger institution, catering to the employees or clientele of that institution.

Yup. Make your choice, pay the money, eat quickly….eff off.

Cafeteria History is CHEAP, INSUBSTANTIAL, PIG FODDER that we have to pay for via money or time or emotion.

Cheap as Chips.

Which is usually the same old, same old, served with BATTERED FISH (Phoenicians) and a bit of rancid TARTAR sauce.

And I am ONCE AGAIN deleted from yt comments.

Too spicy for y’all?

Run, run, runaway.

Bedlam vs Bethlehem vs St Mary Bethlehem

WHY oh why is one of the most famous mad-houses in England called Bethlehem Hospital?

The strange things I wonder about.

I took my son into town yesterday and we had a conversation about Jesus being born on the 25th of December.

He asked if this was true. I said – I DON’T BELIEVE IT, son.

These are the things that keep me awake at night.


Born in a stable. From a Virgin.


WHAT are y’all so frightened of? The TRUTH!


Wagatha Christie? This cracks me up every time I hear it :o)

Rebekah’s story came the other day. Now this is Coleen’s side.

I knew nothing about it when it was all happening but I’m watching now because of a total, brutal sync with my own life.

Long Story – upshot of which was my total humiliation in front of the entire CP Training Company

The people I lived with on a small camp. The people I worked with – The CP Training Wing – and those who were a small but select group of close friends.

My husband? He was away on a 6 month tour guarding some British Ambassador in some effed up country.

The highest ranking man in the company, the Officer Commanding, saved me that night from the planned double rape or (what they thought they’d capture…..) me having a threesome with the babysitter and my next door neighbour.

The O.C. even gave me the number of his own lawyer and told me to take the WOMAN (my next door neighbours wife!!!!) who’d done all this to court for defamation of character.

Well Done, Coleen. Like I’ve always told my husband and my sons – BEWARE OF WOMEN. SOME OF THEM ARE TRULY EVIL!

Rebekah’s Story


The World Cup has started and a couple of weeks back my husband started talking about this.

I was – like – WHAT?

He was – like – WHAT? You don’t know about this?


Nope. I had no idea about any of this.


P.S. I’m still #confused.



THE Bear & Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is in my top 3 favourite films.


Whenever I listen to Owen talk about his time in un-Holy-Wood, I think of this film.

He is the opening scene. Dead in the water being watched from above.

I’ve been a fan of Swanson for half of my life. She lived the nightmare/dream.

And I love to call HIM (the director) Cecil B Demented.

Gloria was secure enough in herself to be portrayed on film as a washed-up, deranged, psychotic, stupid, desperate for love, suicidal old woman.

Watch the film. It’s very prescient.



  1. having or showing knowledge of events before they take place.

Touch and Smell

Way back in 2001 when my fave critique partner and I got together, I’d started a spreadsheet for a book with a working title “The Fragrance of Fate.”

This was my research into the sense of SMELL.

Sir Walter Raleigh smelled of strawberry.


The trouble with a computer and/or a phone is that you can see/hear but never taste or smell or touch.

To this day I can remember the smell of Tsar. Our beautiful German Shepherd.

The taste of Marmite takes me back to my brothers and I around the breakfast table before school.

The touch of velvet sends me back on to the stage in a drama class.

These three senses begin at birth. A baby is born and taken to the mother’s breast. The baby feels, smells and tastes. It’s primeval.

Computers are not even half of a whole.

If you hold your lover in your arms and don’t get drunk on their natural scent – they are not your partner.


Love involves all 5 senses and that enigmatic 6th sense.

As Napoleon supposedly said to Josephine – Home in three days. Don’t wash.

Now THAT is Hidden History :o)

What A Difference A Day Makes…

…24 little hours.

Yesterday I was so exhausted and broken and filled with self-pity/woe-is-me/slime in this ear, slime in that ear.

Being what I am, all that hatred and angst turned inwards. I was literally an ouroboros, eating myself.

Today is so different.

My thanks to Consp-Grads and THE Bear (whom I’ve watched for a longer time than I’ve watched most yt truthers.)

Happy :o)

Prior Planning & Preparation Prevents…

…Piss Poor Performance.

Even HM Forces can alliterate. This was drummed into me at 19 years old.

Tomorrow is the 23rd.

Execute Plan A.

Buy Party Food for the next day.

Thursday is the 24th.

MY BIRTHDAY. Yay, I love birthdays.

Even when I have to do all the planning, shopping, preparation, cooking etc.

I’m going to make a trifle. Not for me to eat……….but as a fantasy of what my perfect birthday party would be.

Even though I KNOW I’ll be eating alone and going to bed at about 6pm with an audiobook.

C’est ma vie

Baby, you’ve been going so crazy
Lately, nothing seems to be going right
So low, why’d you have to get so low?
You’re so
You’ve been waiting in the sun too long

Rock the Casbah to a 14th Century Tuscan Castle in the Napa Valley

Yeah. I know.

I’m still wasting my time and energy.

Olde Worlde Buildings built by Tartarians and unbuildable now.

Firkin Off.

From about 17:20 here below – SEE A 14th CENTURY TUSCAN VILLA BUILT IN CALI _ FORN_I_A in 2007.

I’ve Clashed and Punked the lot of ’em.


P.S. The very best Chardonnay I’ve ever tasted is Turning Leaf. From California. And I’m more French than U.S of A.

Chaise Percée

I’ve come to a life-changing realisation.

The past 5 years of my life here have been a complete and utter failure.

I can post stuff like this until the day dot but it will still be purposefully hidden by my peers because it doesn’t kiss their own personal agenda videos.

There are only two people )in my humble opinion( worthy of respect. Both of whom have publicly spoken about being mistaken in their previous videos. OMG!

So – changing your mind and learning more is now a HERESY and worthy of public burning.

In the past four years the piles upon piles of excrement that have been pontificated about include a “really puzzling mystery” about “ancient tartarian” buildings.

Shit. They have no loos.

Must be the elite or the breathertarians or the adrenochrome junkies or NASA or the flood or the reset of 1850 that have hidden the TRUTH from us all.

OR. So called alternative historians don’t have a firkin clue what they are talking about.

In HISTORY, there is a title that aristocratic men of ambition would KILL to obtain.


They stood guard on, what was called in Britain, the Close-Stool.

In France it was called the Chaise Percée.

Henry Rich, 1st Lord Holland, close friend of George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham and lover of Marie de Rohan (also father of her 4th child) held such a title. His High Honour was to be there when James I Stuart sat on the potty.

Romans had steam baths. Turks had steam baths. Arabs had steam baths. Bath, England had steam baths. In London there was a district called The Stews in Shakespeare’s time. Steam baths with added extras.

Yet we still are being force fed this kind of crap.

Hallelujah and Hail those who know everything yet listen to nothing but themselves.


Time to exit stage left.

Arse – nal

Mmmn. I’m an arse and also an Arsenal fan.

If that’s not embarrassing enough – I just commented somewhere about a tet- anus prick in my bum.

Double-entendres galore.

Today was meant to be POETS DAY but HE is back on a 3 week stint of Emergency Rescue so he couldn’t piss off early tomorrow is saturday.

C’est la vie and que sera.

Responding to Hecklers is an ART. These two do it so well :o)

Ahem – who is top of the Premier League table right now ? ? ?

Fried Eggs & Enlightenment

It’s been so long since I’ve felt such excitement over a research source.

HERE is everything that I’ve fought for almost 5 years to say through this blog and on yt.

And what came back?

A comment about having to buy a heavier blanket to cope with ascension.

A comment about The Hidden History Research being so hidden that no one can find it.

A comment about Brits having the most untrustworthy accent in the world.



That’s all this has been.

NOISE. Ugly little ear worms trying to burrow into my brain.

I thank my God for making a strong and independent woman of me.

Having a truly bad case of body dysmorphia…so bad that I avoid mirrors…is just a foible aka a mental health issue that stalks.

Hey, guys. I’m nothing special. In fact, I’m a bit of a bore. If I tell a joke, you’ve probably heard it before :o)

Know Thyself.

And take what my dearly beloveds call The Mad Pills when it is needed. There is ZERO shame in being on anti-depressants.


Do As I Say, Not As I’ve Done : A Heartfelt Warning

I’m about to enter Year No. 5 of internet abuse.

In all that time, those named above have denied ME the right to speak/Verbally Abused Me/Stolen my work/Banned/Publicly Humiliated and ABUSED.

The one thing that broke me was the name David Greig.

That was the name of my Dad who died in 2011. On my eldest son’s birthday. His funeral was on his own birthday.

I wrote about all this here 2018 – 2021

And some Thing decided (for shizz ‘n’ giggles) to appear on yt using my DEAD DAD’s name.

I wrote to Martin Liedtke to try and explain but his spliff intake must’ve been extra high and he ended up calling me EVIL.

OK. The names named above are the names of those who “secretly” visited MY yt channel.

Fighting back against them was useless. They are so entrenched in their own superiority.

When all is said and done – people like these are not worth the pain they will put you through. The more pain they cause, the more pleasure they take.

Step Away.


The Ghost of Christmases Past : Empirical Experiment

I did an experiment yesterday on a channel that I’m banned from.

I actually paid money and joined. OMG! Stunned speechless. Money talks but I can’t.


Within a few hours that Ghost from the Past returned.

Not weeks or months later – within a few hours.

So I unjoined. I’d rather jump off the Burg Khalifa :o)

That particular pile of abuse can stay where it belongs. Dead & Buried.

“She’s got it. Oh, BABY, she’s got it…!”